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About Us

Rabl Kodahof family coat of arms

The farm and the rental have been passionately run by the Rabl family since 2014. The family, consisting of Josef, Marina, the enchanting Magdalena and the little adventurer Sebastian, is the heart of our farm.


Married since 2012, Marina and Sepp not only share their lives, but also their love of farming and renting out holiday apartments. Spending time as a family, be it skiing in winter, cycling in summer or exploring the surrounding mountain pastures, is a matter close to our hearts. For us, leisure and work are inseparably linked, because at the Kodahof the children are also actively involved.

Our children are not only our pride and joy, but they enrich our family life. They also symbolize the future generation of the Kodahof. The continuation of our farm by the next generation would be a great joy for us, even if the exact path is still open and we are looking forward to the future.

Rabl family
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The story of the Kodahof

Traditional farm since 1929

The origins of our farm go back to 1929, when the Kodahof was built. In the 1970s the farm experienced an important phase with the construction of the 'Haus Rabl', which today houses two holiday apartments. The tourist rental, which has become a matter of the heart for us, was brought into being by the grandparents of the current landlord, Josef Rabl. At first it was a classic bed & breakfast - rental that welcomed guests in a family atmosphere. Over the years, not only has the farm evolved, but so has our idea of what makes an unforgettable vacation.

The highlight of our recent history was undoubtedly the construction of the stables in 2014/2015. With the modern stable we created improved conditions for our animals. Each generation of the Rabl family has contributed their unique ideas and imaginations to continually improve the Kodahof. Our goal is to offer our guests not just a stay, but an experience. We rely on tradition to ensure that every visitor feels comfortable with us and experiences an unforgettable vacation.

The Kodahof is more than just a farm and a rental - it is a living chapter in our family history, which we would like to share with you. Welcome to Kodahof, where the past can be felt in every corner and the future is full of exciting possibilities.

Old family photo of the Rabl family with Kodahof in the background
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